Review 2014-15

The Hague

The Hague


For this pit-stop, the boat that crosses the line first into the port will resume racing at 12:00 local time on June 20. The finishing delta (time) between the boats will be the same amount of time that the boats will resume racing behind the leader.  

The Hague is the only pit-stop in this edition of the race and there are some specific rules covering what can and can't be done while the boats are in port.

This is a non-haulout stop, so the fleet must remain in the water; however, the crew can go ashore. Any repairs to the boat must be done onboard by the crew who are racing on the current leg, and they may only use spares and equipment carried onboard for that leg.

Full details can be found in the Notice of Race on the Noticeboard, under "Item 19: Non-haul-out and Pitstops".


Team Alvimedica first into pit-stop

The youngest crew gave themselves a massive chance of securing a premium finish into Gothenburg when they arrived at The Hague more than an hour and a half ahead of second-placed Dongfeng Race Team.

It was a complicated race from Lorient to The Hague and skipper Charlie Enright believed the turning point to be the numerous tidal gates they navigated through the English Channel. "Just a couple of miles can turn into a pretty big margin if you get it wrong,” he explained. “I think the timing of those tidal gates relative to which side you chose was pretty crucial."

The fleet split, with three boats heading north of the 130 mile exclusion zone towards the English coast while four, including Team Alvimedica, remained south, hugging the French coast – and ultimately the reward of a good head start for the Turkish-American team.

As the first boat to arrive, Team Alvimedica became the first boat to resume the leg at 10:00 UTC the following day, with the rest of the fleet restarting with the same delta with which they finished.

While in The Hague, the fleet had to remain in the water and nothing could be removed from or taken onboard the boat, including power; however, the crew were able to go ashore. Any repairs to the boat had to be done onboard by the crew who were racing on the current leg, only using spares and equipment already onboard for that leg.


Best images from the Pit-stop:


Watch The Hague pit-stop arrivals highlights:

Watch The Hague pit-stop arrivals - full replay:


Watch The Hague pit-stop departure - highlights:


Watch The Hague pit-stop departure - full replay:


Finish times

In order of finish: Finish date Finish time Delta

Re-start timings -
June 20

Team Alvimedica 18/06/15 23:34:01 UTC   10:00:00 UTC
Dongfeng Race Team 19/06/15 01:20:30 UTC +01:46:29 11:46:29 UTC
MAPFRE 19/06/15 01:54:18 UTC +02:20:17 12:20:17 UTC
Team Brunel
19/06/15 02:11:47 UTC +02:37:46 12:37:46 UTC
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 19/06/15 03:27:44 UTC +03:53:43 13:53:43 UTC
Team Vestas Wind 19/06/15 03:38:18 UTC +04:04:17 14:04:17 UTC
Team SCA 19/06/15 04:06:37 UTC +04:32:36 14:32:36 UTC


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