Our oceans are awash with plastic litter. It’s estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. In these Sustainability pages you can learn about the problem of ocean plastic pollution, what Volvo Ocean Race is doing to support solutions and minimise our own footprint, and what you can do.

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    Access articles and videos on our sustainability programme. Search for plastic pollution campaigns, solutions and commitments.

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    Ocean Summit

    Bringing government, industry, scientists and advocated together to explore innovative solutions to the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

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    Schools programme and learning resources on the importance of the ocean and how plastic pollution is damaging our blue planet.

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    What you can do

    How can you help prevent plastic pollution?
    Sign the Clean Seas pledge!

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    Bringing attention to ocean plastic pollution and playing our part in a cleaner future for our ocean.

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    Reducing our own plastic footprint. Learn more about our sustainable race village operations.

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    What does Volvo Ocean Race leave in our wake?
    Find out about our science programme.